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Chassis: 1971 Volvo B58-55

Body: Custom Coaches; 49 seater with front and rear doors. 


Operator: Forest Coach Lines, Terry Hills


This bus is the oldest Volvo bus in Australia, and was the second Volvo to be delivered. It was registered m/o 5996. 


Entering service in September 1972, the vehicle was withdrawn in August 2001 and donated to the Sydney Bus Museum. 



Engine: Volvo THD100D 9.6 litre six-cylinder diesel engine, bore 120.65mm, stroke 140mm, developing 170kw at 2,200 rpm. 


Transmission: Wilson four-speed semi-automatic gearbox.


Brakes: Air operated footbrake, engine exhaust brake and spring applied parking brake. 


Steering: ZF hydraulic power assisted. 

5996 at an event in 2015.
5996 at an event in 2015.

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Images courtesy:
David Wilson, Liam Brundle, Greg Travers, John Ward, Steve Burrows, Dean Jones